JDBC Driver for QuickBooks POS

Build 23.0.8839


Create, update, and query QuickBooks POS employee time entries.

Table Specific Information


QuickBooks POS allows many of the columns to be used in the WHERE clause of a SELECT query. These columns can create either Single or Range filters, as defined in the table schema.

Single Filters Single filters make direct comparisons by using the = comparison.
Range Filters Range filters can search only ranges that have an inclusive lower bound, specified by the >= operator, and an exclusive upper bound, specified by the < operator.

To apply a single bound to a string column that has the Range filter type, the = or LIKE operators are available.

To apply a single bound to a numeric or datetime column that has the Range filter type, the >, >=, <, <=, or = operators are available.

SELECT * FROM TimeEntries WHERE FirstName LIKE '%George%'


To create a new time entry record, there are no required fields; however, EmployeeListId should be specified to identify who the employee is.

INSERT INTO TimeEntries (EmployeeListId, ClockInTime) 
VALUES ('-9876543210987654321', '2014-08-04T13:15:20-04:00')


Any field that is not read-only can be updated.

UPDATE TimeEntries SET ClockOutTime = '2014-08-04T19:15:20-04:00' WHERE ListId = '-1234567890123456789' 


Name Type ReadOnly Filter Type Description
ListID [KEY] String True Single

The unique identifier, generated by QuickBooks POS.

EmployeeListID String False Single

A reference to the employee.

EmployeeLoginName String True Range

The name used by the employee to log into the QBPOS company.

FirstName String True Range

The first name of the employee.

LastName String True Range

The last name of the employee.

ClockInTime Datetime False Range

The date and time when the employee clocked in.

ClockOutTime Datetime False Range

The date and time when the employee clocked out.

CreatedBy String False Range

The person who created this time entry.

QuickBooksFlag Boolean False Single

The status of data export for a memo. This element is used only if QBPOS is being used with QuickBooks Financial Software. Possible values are NOT POSTED (the memo has not yet been sent to QuickBooks), COMPLETE (the memo has been sent to QuickBooks), and ERROR (attempting to send the memo to QuickBooks resulted in an error). No default value.

CustomFieldsOwnerID String False Multi

Identifies the owner of the CustomFields to be returned in the response. The default value of '0' is sent which refers to a public custom field that is exposed in the QuickBooks POS UI. All other values are GUID's that are created by the owner and are private custom fields (not exposed via the QuickBooks POS UI).

CustomFields String False

Custom fields returned from QuickBooks POS and formatted into XML.

TimeCreated Datetime True Range

When the employee was created.

TimeModified Datetime True Range

When the employee was last modified.

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