JDBC Driver for QuickBooks POS

Build 23.0.8839

Command-Line Interface

In addition to the UI, the Desktop Gateway has a command-line interface that makes it easy to deploy on machines where a user is not always logged in, for example, a Web server. To facilitate deployment to these environments, the Desktop Gateway contains two executables:

RemoteConnector.exe Provides the user interface and allows configuration of the application.
RemoteConnectorService.exe Processes requests and performs all interaction with QuickBooks POS.

The syntax for managing the Desktop Gateway Windows service from the command line is as follows:

RemoteConnectorService.exe /Service <Command>

The following commands are available:

InstallInstalls the Windows service.
DeleteDeletes the Windows service.
StartStarts the Windows service.
StopStops the Windows service.
StateReports the current state of the Windows service (started or stopped).
AutoChanges the Windows service startup type to Automatic.
ManualChanges the Windows service startup type to Manual.
DisabledChanges the Windows service startup type to Disabled.

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Build 23.0.8839