JDBC Driver for QuickBooks POS

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Caching Data

Caching Data

Caching data provides several benefits, including faster access to data and reducing the number of API calls, which improve performance. The connector supports a simple caching model where multiple connections can also share the cache over time. You can enable and configure caching features by setting the necessary connection properties.


The sections in this chapter detail the driver's caching functionality and link to the corresponding connection properties, as well as SQL statements.

Configuring the Cache Connection

Configuring the Cache Connection describes the properties that you can set when configuring the cache database.

Caching Metadata

Caching Metadata describes the CacheMetadata property. This property determines whether or not to cache the table metadata to a file store.

Automatically Caching Data

Automatically Caching Data describes how the driver automatically refreshes the cache when the AutoCache property is set.

Explicitly Caching Data

Explicitly Caching Data describes how you can decide what data is stored in the cache and when it is updated.

Data Type Mapping

Data Type Mapping shows the mappings between the data types configured in the schema and the data types in the database.

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