JDBC Driver for QuickBooks POS

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The database driver used to cache data.

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You can cache to any database for which you have a JDBC driver, including CData JDBC drivers.

The cache database is determined by the CacheDriver and CacheConnection properties. The CacheDriver is the name of the JDBC driver class that you want to use to cache data.

Note: you must add the CacheDriver JAR file to the classpath.


The following examples show how to cache to several major databases. Refer to CacheConnection for more information on the JDBC URL syntax and typical connection properties.

Derby and Java DB

The driver simplifies Derby configuration. Java DB is the Oracle distribution of Derby. The JAR file is shipped in the JDK. You can find the JAR file, derby.jar, in the db subfolder of the JDK installation. In most caching scenarios, you need to specify only the following, after adding derby.jar to the classpath:

To customize the Derby JDBC URL, use CacheDriver and CacheConnection. For example, to cache to an in-memory database, use a JDBC URL like the following:


The following is a JDBC URL for the SQLite JDBC driver:



The following is a JDBC URL for the included CData JDBC Driver for MySQL:

  jdbc:quickbookspos:Cache Driver=cdata.jdbc.mysql.MySQLDriver;Cache Connection='jdbc:mysql:Server=localhost;Port=3306;Database=cache;User=root;Password=123456';user=myuseraccount;password=mypassword;URL=http://localhost:2080;qbxmlversion=3.0;

SQL Server

The following JDBC URL uses the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server:

jdbc:quickbookspos:Cache Driver=com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver;Cache Connection='jdbc:sqlserver://localhost\sqlexpress:7437;user=sa;password=123456;databaseName=Cache';user=myuseraccount;password=mypassword;URL=http://localhost:2080;qbxmlversion=3.0;


The following is a JDBC URL for the Oracle Thin Client:

jdbc:quickbookspos:Cache Driver=oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver;CacheConnection='jdbc:oracle:thin:scott/tiger@localhost:1521:orcldb';user=myuseraccount;password=mypassword;URL=http://localhost:2080;qbxmlversion=3.0;
NOTE: If using a version of Oracle older than 9i, the cache driver will instead be oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver .


The following JDBC URL uses the official PostgreSQL JDBC driver:


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