TDV Adapter for QuickBooks POS

Build 21.0.8137

Remote Connector

The QuickBooks Gateway for QuickBooks Point of Sale is a simple application that facilitates connections to company files from your application. The QuickBooks Gateway accepts connections via a lightweight embedded Web server that runs on the machine where QuickBooks Point of Sale is installed. The server supports SSL/TLS, enabling users to connect securely from remote machines.

The first time you connect to QuickBooks Point of Sale, you must authorize your application. Complementing the per-application authentication of QuickBooks Point of Sale, the QuickBooks Gateway has per-user authentication. Before connecting to QuickBooks Point of Sale for the first time, configure at least one QuickBooks Gateway user.

You can configure users through the UI on the Users tab. You can then follow the procedure in "Getting Started" to connect an application to QuickBooks Point of Sale. After connecting, you can monitor QuickBooks Point of Sale connections on the Status tab.

It is recommended to configure the QuickBooks Gateway in the UI, but you can also run the QuickBooks Gateway from the command line. This can simplify deploying the QuickBooks Gateway in scenarios where normally there is not a user logged in, such as running a Web server. See the Advanced page to configure the QuickBooks Gateway when you are not using the UI.

The QuickBooks Gateway automatically manages the connection to QuickBooks Point of Sale, but you can configure almost every aspect of how users connect to QuickBooks Point of Sale through the QuickBooks Gateway. The following pages outline the capabilities of the QuickBooks Gateway and how to get started.

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Build 21.0.8137