ODBC Driver for NetSuite

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Indicating how aggregate columns should be treated.

Possible Values

Ignore, List, ListAndRetrieve

Data Type


Default Value



Aggregate columns are the columns that will appear on base tables which aggregate all of the data contained within child collections. Because these columns include all the data of a child collection, they can become very large. In some situations, such as writing the data to an offline database, it may be advisable to set AggregateColumnMode to either Ignore or List. The data in child tables can still be retrieved by setting IncludeChildTables to true. Setting AggregateColumnMode to List still causes aggregate columns to be listed for use with INSERTs and updates.

This property applies to SuiteTalk only.

IgnoreAll aggregate will be ignored and will not show up as available columns in the table definition.
ListAggregate columns will be listed in all tables, but on base tables such as SalesOrders, they will not retrieve data from NetSuite.
ListAndRetrieveAggregate columns will be listed and requested on all tables.

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Build 23.0.8839