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Query Filters in Gmail.


利用可能なFilters をクエリします。


ドライバーはGmail REST API を使用して、Id カラムを参照する検索条件を処理します。ドライバーは他のフィルタを、ドライバー内のクライアントサイドで処理します。

  • Id '=' 演算子をサポート。


SELECT * FROM Filters WHERE ID = 123


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String The server assigned ID of the filter.
AddLabelIds String List of labels to add to the message.
RemoveLabelIds String List of labels to remove from the message.
Forward String Email address that the message should be forwarded to.
From String The sender's display name or email address.
To String The recipient's display name or email address. Includes recipients in the
Subject String Case-insensitive phrase found in the message's subject.
Query String Only return messages matching the specified query. Supports the same query format as the Gmail search box.
NegatedQuery String The primary email address of the user. Writeable on create only. On update, a secondary email is added.
HasAttachment Boolean Whether the message has any attachment.
ExcludedChats Boolean Whether the response should exclude chats.
Size Integer The size of the entire RFC822 message in bytes, including all headers and attachments.
SizeComparison String How the message size in bytes should be in relation to the size field.

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Build 23.0.8839