ODBC Driver for HubSpot

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve HubSpot forms used to collect lead information about your visitors and contacts.


When selecting Forms, they can be filtered by columns marked below as 'Filterable'. For those columns, the supported server-side operators is: =.

SELECT * FROM Forms WHERE ID = '96ec8565-3b73-4ee8-9815-f90566ba9c42'


INSERT INTO Forms (Name, FormType, CreatedAt, language)
VALUES ('Test Form Name', 'hubspot', current_timestamp(), 'en')


UPDATE Forms SET Archivable = true, Editable = true, Cloneable = true, SubmitButtonText = 'Updated!'
WHERE ID = '96ec8565-3b73-4ee8-9815-f90566ba9c42'


DELETE FROM Forms WHERE ID = '96ec8565-3b73-4ee8-9815-f90566ba9c42'


Name Type ReadOnly References Filterable Description
Id [KEY] String True True

ID of Marketing Form.

Name String False False

The title of the Form.

FormType String False False

Form Type.

FieldGroups String False False

Field Groups aggregate.

Language String False False


Cloneable Bool False False


Editable Bool False False


Archivable Bool False False


RecaptchaEnabled Bool False False

Recaptcha Enabled.

NotifyContactOwner Bool False False

Notify Contact Owner.

NewContactNewEmail Bool False False

Create new contact for new email.

PrePopulate Bool False False

Prepopulate known values.

AllowLinkToReset Bool False False

Allow link to reset known values.

RenderRawHtml Bool False False

Render raw HTML.

Theme String False False


SubmitButtonText String False False

Submit Button Text.

CssClass String False False

CSS Class.

Style String False False

Form Type.

CreatedAt Datetime False False

When the meeting was created.

UpdatedAt Datetime False False

When the meeting was last updated.

Archived Bool True False

Determines whether the meeting is archived.

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Build 23.0.8839