ODBC Driver for HubSpot

Build 23.0.8839


Search through files in the file manager. Does not display hidden or archived files. Requires files or files.ui_hidden.read as a scope.


Name Type References Filterable Description
Id [KEY] Long True File ID.
Name String Name of the file.
Extension String Extension of the file. For example png.
Access String File access.


CreatedAt Datetime Creation time of the file object.
UpdatedAt Datetime Timestamp of the latest update to the file.
Archived Bool If the file is deleted.
ArchivedAt Datetime Deletion time of the file object.
Type String Type of the file.

The allowed values are IMG, DOCUMENT, AUDIO, MOVIE, OTHER.

IsUsableInContent Bool Indicates if the file should be used when creating new content like web pages.
Encoding String Encoding of the file.
Size Long Size in bytes of the file.
Height Int For image and video files, the height of the content.
Width Int For image and video files, the width of the content.
Path String Path of the file in the file manager.
ParentFolderId Long Id of the folder the file is in.
Url String URL of the given file. This URL can change depending on the domain settings of the account. Will use the select file hosting domain.
DefaultHostingUrl String Default hosting URL of the file. This will use one of HubSpot's provided URLs to serve the file.
AllowsAnonymousAccess Bool If 'true' will show private files; if 'false' will show public files. The output will mirror the input value.

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Build 23.0.8839