ODBC Driver for HubSpot

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve and manage associations between Custom object types in HubSpot.

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Note: Insert and Delete operations may not work for the OAuth Authentication scheme because of insufficient OAuth Apps scopes. Use the Private App Token authentication instead.


A query to this table will return all the available associations for each custom object type.

SELECT * FROM CustomObjectAssociations


To add a new association between a custom object type and another object type (custom or standard object type), the user must specify at least the ObjectFullyQualifiedName for the source custom object and the Object Type Id-s of the two objects to be associated, ToObjectTypeId and FromObjectTypeId.

INSERT INTO [CustomObjectAssociations] (ObjectFullyQualifiedName, Name, FromObjectTypeId, ToObjectTypeId, Cardinality, InverseCardinality) 
VALUES ('p5692228_MachinesObject', 'machine_to_contactAssoc', '2-1128325', 'contact', 'ONE_TO_MANY', 'ONE_TO_MANY')


To delete an association for a custom object, you will need to specify the ObjectFullyQualifiedName and the AssociationId.

DELETE [CustomObjectAssociations] WHERE Id = '330' AND ObjectFullyQualifiedName = 'p5692228_MachinesObject'


Name Type ReadOnly References Filterable Description
Id [KEY] String True False

A unique ID for this association.

ObjectFullyQualifiedName [KEY] String False False

A unique ID for this schema's object type. It is defined as _meta_type___unique ID_.

ObjectTypeId String True False

The ID of the custom object type.

ObjectId String True False

An assigned unique ID for the object_ including portal ID and object name.

ObjectName String True False

A unique name for the schema's object type.

ObjectLabelSingular String True False

Singular label for the object. Used in CRM display.

ObjectLabelPlural String True False

Plural label for the object. Used in CRM display.

Name String False False

A unique name for this association.

Cardinality String False False

The cardinality type.

InverseCardinality String False False

The inverseCardinality type.

FromObjectTypeId String False False

ID of the primary object type to link from.

ToObjectTypeId String False False

ID of the target object type ID to link to.

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Build 23.0.8839