ODBC Driver for HubSpot

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Query the available line items in HubSpot.

Table Specific Information

A line item represents a line in an order, containing details such as the product, quantity, and price for each line of an order.


When selecting line items, they can be filtered by ID or by ID and IncludeDeleted. For example:

SELECT * FROM LineItems WHERE Id = '123456789'
SELECT * FROM LineItems WHERE Id = '123456789' AND IncludeDeleted = 'true'


When creating a new line item ProductId is required. You can also specify Name, Description, Price and Quantity. For example:

INSERT INTO LineItems (ProductId, Name, Description, Quantity, Price) VALUES ('123', 'NameExample', 'DescriptionExample', '50', '1324')


When updating line items, you can change non readOnly field by specifying the line item Id. For example:

UPDATE LineItems SET Name = 'UpdatedName', Description = 'Updated description', Price = 123 WHERE id = '123' 


You can delete line items singularly by Id, or in batches. For example:

DELETE FROM LineItems WHERE Id = 123
DELETE FROM LineItems WHERE Id IN ( '123', '234')


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Long True

The internal ID for this line item.

Name String False

The name for the product for this line item.

Price String False

The price of the line item.

Quantity String False

The quantity of the line item.

Description String False

The description of the line item.

ProductId String False

The objectId of a product object, and represents the product being sold. It is required when you create a new line item.

Version Integer True

The current version of this line item. This is incremented each time the line item is updated.

IsDeleted Boolean True

Boolean indicating whether or not the line item is deleted. Deleted records will not be included unless you specifically request that deleted records be included.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source. For more information, see the WHERE clause section.

Name Type Description
IncludeDeleted String

By default, deleted records will not be returned by the API. When selecting by Id, you can include this parameter to make sure that records are returned even when they are deleted

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Build 23.0.8839