ODBC Driver for HubSpot

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Your deals in HubSpot which may be used for making offers to potential customers.

Table Specific Information

Deals in HubSpot represent different organizations you are interested in keeping track of for potential marketing opportunities. They are treated similarly like contacts and have a number of custom properties that will be dynamically determined and added to the Deals table from your HubSpot Hub.


When selecting deals, they can only be filtered by the DealId and only one Deal at a time. Otherwise they can be selected without a filter, which will cause all deals in your HubSpot account to be listed. For example:

SELECT * FROM Deals WHERE DealId = '123456789'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
DealId [KEY] Long True

The unique id for the deal.

DealName String True

The name of the deal.

IsDeleted Boolean True

A boolean indicating if the deal has been deleted.

AssociatedCompanyIds String True

A comma separated list of company ids associated with the deal.

AssociatedDealIds String True

A comma separated list of other deals associated with this deal.

AssociatedVids String True

A comma separated list of contact ids associated with this deal.

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Build 23.0.8839