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Retrieve the available blog authors in HubSpot.

Table Specific Information

Blog authors represent the users in your HubSpot Hub that can make posts on your HubSpot blog.


When selecting blog authors, they can only be filtered by the Id, FullName, CreatedAt, or Slug. CreatedAt can be used to specify a range while the others must be used with an exact comparison. For example:

SELECT * FROM BlogAuthors WHERE CreatedAt >= '1/1/2014' AND CreatedAt <= '10/31/2014'
SELECT * FROM BlogAuthors WHERE Slug = 'abc123'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Id [KEY] Long True

The id of the author.

FullName String False

The first and last name of the blog author.

CreatedAt Datetime True

When the blog author was first created.

Slug String True

The path appended to the blog URL at which the author page will live.

DeletedAt Datetime True

When the author was deleted.

Email String False

The email address of the blog author.

FacebookProfile String False

The blog author's Facebook page.

GooglePlusProfile String False

The blog author's Google Plus profile.

LinkedInProfile String False

The blog author's LinkedIn profile

TwitterProfile String False

The blog author's twitter handle.

AvatarUrl String True

A small photo or image of the blog author.

UserId Integer False

The HubSpot user id of the blog author.

Username String False

The HubSpot username of the blog author.

Website String False

The blog author's web site.

UpdatedAt Datetime True

When the blog author was last updated.

ExtraUrlParameters String True

An input only property for specifying additional parameters when selecting data from HubSpot. Specify the parameters as name=value pairs in a comma separated list. For instance, 'param1=value1,param2=value2,param3=value3'.

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