ADO.NET Provider for HubSpot

Build 21.0.8137


A file with a comma separated list of properties to select from HubSpot for the Deals table.

Data Type


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In HubSpot, you can potentially have so many custom fields that attempting to select all of them at a time will cause HubSpot to throw an error. In a situation where you do not have direct control over the SQL Statement but still need to get custom field data back, you set the DealPropertiesFile to the full location of a file that lists which custom fields to select. For instance, C:\users\public\documents\customfields.txt.

The CustomFields document itself is just a comma separated list of the names of which custom fields to select. Note that these must be the API names of the custom fields. These names can be retrieved from the Name column of the DealProperties table. For instance: dealname,amount,description.

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Build 21.0.8137