TDV Adapter for MongoDB

Build 21.0.8137

Stored Procedures

Stored procedures are available to complement the data available from the NoSQL Database. It may be necessary to update data available from a view using a stored procedure because the data does not provide for direct, table-like, two-way updates. In these situations, the retrieval of the data is done using the appropriate view or table, while the update is done by calling a stored procedure. Stored procedures take a list of parameters and return back a dataset that contains the collection of tuples that constitute the response.

MongoDB Adapter Stored Procedures

Name Description
AddDocument Insert entire JSON documents to MongoDB as-is.
CreateSchema Creates a schema file for the collection.
CreateUserTable Creates a schema file for the collection.
Eval Provides the ability to run JavaScript code on the MongoDB server.
GetDocument Take a pass-through query to retrieve documents.
SearchDocument Get the entire document as a string.

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Build 21.0.8137