CData Python Connector for FreshBooks

Build 20.0.7745

Using the Connector

This section provides a walk-through of writing data access code to FreshBooks in Python script.

See Data Model for more information on the available data source entities and how to query them with SQL. See rpgoverview; for the SQL syntax.

Connecting from Code

See Wheel Installation and Establishing a Connection for the prerequisite information you need to deploy the connector and configure the connection to FreshBooks. Connecting shows how to connect with the freshbooks.connector module and its related classes.

Executing SQL

The connection's cursor object is used to directly execute SQL queries. See Querying Data to execute SELECT statements and process the returned result sets. See Updating Data to affect the data in FreshBooks with INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

Defining Custom Views

The provider allows you to define virtual tables whose contents are decided by a pre-configured query. See Defining Custom Views for an overview of creating and configuring custom views.

Executing Stored Procedures

You can call stored procedures by using the EXECUTE statement. See Calling Stored Procedures for more information.

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Build 20.0.7745