ADO.NET Provider for FreshBooks

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A list of projects associated with a FreshBooks account. Staff members can access all projects they're assigned to, but can only edit projects for which they are the Project Manager.

Table Specific Information


The Classic API only allows a subset of columns to be used as filter criteria in the WHERE clause. The following columns can be used:

  • ProjectId

Other filters are processed client side by the provider. See SupportEnhancedSQL for more information.


The Name and BillMethod columns are required when inserting.

Tasks Aggregate

Use the TaskAggregate field to flatten task items into a single field. This XML aggregate contains Ids and rates for tasks associated with a project and can be inserted and updated directly using the proper XML formatting, as indicated by the example below:

INSERT INTO Projects (Name, BillMethod, TaskAggregate)
VALUES ('Website Redesign', 'project-rate',

Note: Updating this field will remove all previously stored task information.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
ProjectId [KEY] String True

The unique identifier for a project.

Name String False

The name associated with a project.

Description String False

The description for a project.

Rate Decimal False

The rate associated with a project.

BillMethod String False

The billing method associated with a project.

ClientId String False

The Id for a client associated with a project.

HourBudget Decimal False

The hour budget associated with a project.

TaskAggregate String False

An aggregate of tasks associated with a project. See the help file for the Projects table for more information.

StaffAggregate String True

An aggregate of staff associated with a project. See the help file for the Projects table for more information.

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Build 20.0.7654