ODBC Driver for Microsoft Access

Build 23.0.8839

Supported Functions

Supported Functions

The CData ODBC Driver for Microsoft Access supports the following ODBC API functions:

Function Conformance Level Status
SQLAllocConnect (Core) Supported
SQLAllocEnv (Core) Supported
SQLAllocStmt (Core) Supported
SQLBindCol (Core) Supported
SQLCancel (Core) Supported
SQLColAttributes (Core) Supported
SQLConnect (Core) Supported
SQLDescribeCol (Core) Supported
SQLDisconnect (Core) Supported
SQLError (Core) Supported
SQLExecDirect (Core) Supported
SQLExecute (Core) Supported
SQLFetch (Core) Supported
SQLFreeConnect (Core) Supported
SQLFreeEnv (Core) Supported
SQLFreeStmt (Core) Supported
SQLGetCursorName (Core) Not Supported
SQLNumResultCols (Core) Supported
SQLPrepare (Core) Supported
SQLRowCount (Core) Supported
SQLSetCursorName (Core) Not Supported
SQLSetParam (Core) Supported
SQLTransact (Core) Not Supported
SQLColumns (Core) Supported
SQLDriverConnect (Core) Supported
SQLGetConnectOption (Core) Supported
SQLGetData (Core) Supported
SQLGetFunctions (Core) Supported
SQLGetInfo (Core) Supported
SQLGetStmtOption (Core) Supported
SQLGetTypeInfo (Core) Supported
SQLParamData (Core) Supported
SQLPutData (Core) Supported
SQLSetConnectOption (Core) Supported
SQLSetStmtOption (Core) Supported
SQLSpecialColumns (Core) Supported
SQLStatistics (Core) Supported
SQLTables (Core) Supported
SQLBrowseConnect (Level 1) Supported
SQLColumnPrivileges (Level 2) Not Supported
SQLDataSources (Core) Supported
SQLDescribeParam (Level 2) Supported
SQLExtendedFetch (Level 2) Supported
SQLForeignKeys (Level 2) Supported
SQLMoreResults (Level 1) Not Supported
SQLNativeSql (Core) Supported
SQLNumParams (Core) Supported
SQLParamOptions (Core) Supported
SQLPrimaryKeys (Level 1) Supported
SQLProcedureColumns (Level 1) Supported
SQLProcedures (Level 1) Supported
SQLSetPos (Level 2) Not Supported
SQLSetScrollOptions (Level 2) Not Supported
SQLTablePrivileges (Level 2) Not Supported
SQLDrivers (Level 2) Supported
SQLBindParameter (Core) Supported
SQLAllocHandle (Core) Supported
SQLBindParam (Core) Supported
SQLCloseCursor (Core) Supported
SQLColAttribute (Core) Supported
SQLCopyDesc (Core) Supported
SQLEndTran (Core) Not Supported
SQLFetchScroll (Core) Supported
SQLFreeHandle (Core) Supported
SQLGetConnectAttr (Core) Supported
SQLGetDescField (Core) Supported
SQLGetDescRec (Core) Supported
SQLGetDiagField (Core) Supported
SQLGetDiagRec (Core) Supported
SQLGetEnvAttr (Core) Supported
SQLGetStmtAttr (Core) Supported
SQLSetConnectAttr (Core) Supported
SQLSetDescField (Core) Supported
SQLSetDescRec (Core) Supported
SQLSetEnvAttr (Core) Supported
SQLSetStmtAttr (Core) Supported
SQLBulkOperations (Level 1) Supported

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