JDBC Driver for Google BigQuery

Build 22.0.8462


Inserts a Google BigQuery job, which can then be selected later to retrieve the query results.


Name Type Description
Query String The query to submit to Google BigQuery.
IsDML String Should be true if the query is a DML statement and false otherwise.

The default value is false.

DestinationTable String The destination table for the query, in the format DestProjectId:DestDatasetId.DestTable
WriteDisposition String How to write data to the destination table, such as truncate existing results, appending existing results, or writing only when the table is empty.


The default value is WRITE_TRUNCATE.

DryRun String Whether or not this is a dry run of the job.
MaximumBytesBilled String If provided, BigQuery will cancel the job if it attempts to process more than this many bytes.
Region String The region to start executing the job in.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
JobId String The JobId of the newly insert Job.
Region String The region where the job is executing.
Configuration_query_query String The query of the newly inserted Job.
Configuration_query_destinationTable_tableId String The destination table tableId of the newly inserted Job.
Configuration_query_destinationTable_projectId String The destination table projectId of the newly inserted Job.
Configuration_query_destinationTable_datasetId String The destination table datasetId of the newly inserted Job.
Status_State String Running state of the job.
Status_errorResult_reason String A short error code that summarizes the error.
Status_errorResult_message String A human-readable description of the error.

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Build 22.0.8462