JDBC Driver for Google BigQuery

Build 22.0.8462


Specifies what kind of method to use when inserting data. By default streaming inserts are used.

Possible Values

Streaming, DML, Upload, GCSStaging

Data Type


Default Value



This section provides only a summary of the mechanisms that each of these modes use. Please see Advanced Integrations for more details on how to use each of these modes.

  • Streaming uses the Google BigQuery streaming API (also called insertAll).
  • DML uses the Google BigQuery query API to generate INSERT SQL statements which insert individual rows.
  • Upload uses the Google BigQuery upload API to create a load job which copies the rows from temporary server-side storage.
  • GCSStaging is similar to the Upload mode except that it uses your Google Cloud Storage account instead of public storage.

When UseLegacySQL is true only Streaming and Upload modes are allowed. The Legacy SQL dialect does not support DML statements.

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Build 22.0.8462