JDBC Driver for Google Analytics

Build 22.0.8509


Lists all Profiles to which the user has access.

Table Specific Information


The Profiles table exposes all profiles that the user has access to. The AccountId and WebPropertyId fields are available for filtering in the WHERE clause with = operator. For example:

  SELECT * FROM Profiles WHERE AccountId = '123456'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String True

Profile Id.

Kind String True

Resource type for Analytics profile.

SelfLink String True

Link for this profile.

AccountId String True

Account Id to which this profile belongs.

WebPropertyId String True

Web property Id of the form UA-XXXXX-YY to which this profile belongs.

InternalWebPropertyId String True

Internal Id for the Web property to which this profile belongs.

Name String True

Name of this profile.

Currency String True

The currency type associated with this profile.

Timezone String True

Time zone for which this profile has been configured.

WebsiteURL String True

Website URL for this profile.

DefaultPage String True

Default page for this profile.

ExcludeQueryParameters String True

The query parameters that are excluded from this profile.

SiteSearchQueryParameters String True

The site search query parameters for this profile.

SiteSearchCategoryParameters String True

Site search category parameters for this profile.

Type String True

Profile type.

Permissions String True

All the permissions that the user has for this profile. These include any implied permissions.

Created Datetime True

Time this profile was created.

Updated Datetime True

Time this profile was last modified.

eCommerceTracking Boolean True

Indicates whether e-commerce tracking is enabled for this profile.

ParentLink String True

Parent link for this profile. Points to the Web property to which this profile belongs.

ChildLink String True

Child link for this profile. Points to the list of goals for this profile.

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Build 22.0.8509