TDV Adapter for Google Analytics

Build 21.0.8137


This section provides a complete list of the Miscellaneous properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

DefaultFilterA default filter to be applied to all queries.
IgnorePermissionsExceptionWhether to ignore exceptions related to insufficient permissions for a specific profile.
IncludeEmptyRowsThis connection property can be set only when using the V4 API. If set to false, the provider does not include rows if all the retrieved metrics are equal to zero. The default is true which will include these rows.
MaxRowsLimits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time.
OtherThese hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.
PagesizeThe maximum number of results to return per page from Google Analytics.
PropertyIdProperty ID value to be used when querying reports views in V4 schema.
SamplingLevelThe desired sampling level. Can be set to run faster at the cost of accuracy or for higher accuracy but a decrease in query execution speed. Note: This property only applies when Schema is set to either UnivesalAnalytics.
TimeoutThe value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation.
UseResourceQuotasThis connection property can be set only when using the V4 API.

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Build 21.0.8137