ADO.NET Provider for Google Analytics

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Data Model

The CData ADO.NET Provider for Google Analytics models Google Analytics entities in relational Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures. The provided tables will give you an overview of your account information and the profiles available for Google Analytics queries. Google Analytics allows for Dimensions and Metrics to be queried in a large number of arrangements. Some sample views are provided based on common Google Analytics reports. You can however also create your own custom views based on any combination of Dimensions and Metrics you need.

API limitations and requirements are documented in this section; you can use the SupportEnhancedSQL feature, set by default, to circumvent most of these limitations.

Create Additional Schemas

The CreateCustomSchema stored procedure can be used to easily generate new schema files with a custom combination of Dimensions and Metrics. This procedure takes the TableName and comma-separated lists of Dimensions and Metrics and builds a schema file that can be read by the provider. Each Dimension or Metric in the list takes the name of the value from Google Analytics (without the 'ga:' prefix). For example:


If the Location connection property is set, the file will be output to that folder. Otherwise, the OutputFolder input can be used to specify an output folder. To begin querying these new files, simply set the Location connection property to the folder containing these new schema files.


Tables describes the available tables.


Views are tables that cannot be modified. Typically, data that are read-only and cannot be updated are shown as views.

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to the data source. They can be used to search, update, and modify information in the data source.

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Build 20.0.7654