ADO.NET Provider for Google Analytics

Build 20.0.7654

Advanced Settings

Fine Tuning Data Access

You can use the following properties to gain greater control over Google Analytics API features and the strategies the provider uses to surface them:

  • DefaultFilter: Set this to apply a filter to all queries. Columns you specify in the WHERE clause override values set in this property. See the table-specific information for the tables you are working with to determine columns that can be used in the WHERE clause.
  • SamplingLevel: Instead of returning every record that matches your query, Google samples results based on the size of a time interval. This property provides several easy options for configuring an appropriate sample level.

Connecting Through a Firewall or Proxy

To connect through the Windows system proxy, set only the connection properties needed to authenticate and to connect. To connect to other proxies, set ProxyAutoDetect to false and in addition set the following.

To authenticate to an HTTP proxy, set ProxyAuthScheme, ProxyUser, and ProxyPassword, in addition to ProxyServer and ProxyPort.

To connect to other proxies, set FirewallType, FirewallServer, and FirewallPort. To tunnel the connection, set FirewallType to TUNNEL. To authenticate to a SOCKS proxy, set FirewallType to SOCKS5. Additionally, specify FirewallUser and FirewallPassword.

Troubleshooting the Connection

To show provider activity from query execution to HTTP calls, use Logfile and Verbosity. The examples of common connection errors below show how to use these properties to get more context. Contact the support team for help tracing the source of an error or circumventing a performance issue.

  • Authentication errors: Typically, recording a Logfile at Verbosity 4 is necessary to get full details on an authentication error.
  • Queries time out: A server that takes too long to respond will exceed the provider's client-side timeout. Often, setting the Timeout property to a higher value will avoid a connection error. Another option is to disable the timeout by setting the property to 0. Setting Verbosity to 2 will show where the time is being spent.

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Build 20.0.7654