ADO.NET Provider for Zoho CRM

Build 22.0.8397


To get the field metadata for the specified module.

View-Specific Information


The {i uses the Zoho CRM API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator.

  • ModuleName supports the '=' operator.

For example, the following queries are processed server-side:

SELECT * FROM ListFields WHERE ModuleName = 'Deals'


Name Type Description
ApiName String The Api Name.
AssociationDetails String The Association Details.
BlueprintSupported Boolean Is Blueprint Supported.
BusinesscardSupported Boolean Is Businesscard Supported.
ConvertMappingAccounts String The Convert Mapping Accounts.
ConvertMappingContacts String The Convert Mapping Contacts.
ConvertMappingDeals String The Convert Mapping Deals.
CreatedSource String The Created Source.
Crypt String The Crypt.
CurrencyPrecision Integer The Currency Precision.
CurrencyRoundingOption String The Currency Rounding Option.
CustomField Boolean Is Custom Field.
DataType String The Data Type.
DecimalPlace Integer The Decimal Place.
DisplayField Boolean Is Display Field.
DisplayLabel String The Display Label.
DisplayType Integer The Display Type.
External String The External.
FieldLabel String The Field Label.
FieldReadOnly Boolean Is Field ReadOnly.
Filterable Boolean Is Filterable.
HistoryTracking String The History Tracking.
Id String The Id.
JsonType String The Json Type.
Length Integer The Length.
MassUpdate Boolean Is Mass Update.
PickListValues String The Pick List Values.
PickListValuesSortedLexically Boolean Is Pick List Values Sorted Lexically.
Profiles String The Profiles.
QuickSequenceNumber String The QuickSequenceNumber.
ReadOnly Boolean Is ReadOnly.
Sortable Boolean Is Sortable.
Subform String The Subform.
SystemMandatory Boolean Is System Mandatory.
Tooltip String The Tool tip.
Type String The Type.
UiType Integer The Ui Type.
ViewTypeCreate Boolean Is View Type Create.
ViewTypeEdit Boolean Is View Type Edit.
ViewTypeQuickCreate Boolean Is View Type Quick Create.
ViewTypeView Boolean Is View Type View.
Visible Boolean Is Visible.
Webhook Boolean Is Webhook.
ModuleName String The name of the module which the user wants the fields.

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Build 22.0.8397