TDV Adapter for Zoho CRM

Build 21.0.8137


Create, update, delete, and query information regarding contacts.

Table-Specific Information


The adapter will use the Zoho CRM API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following column and operator. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the adapter.

  • FirstName supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • LastName supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • FullName supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Email supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Title supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Phone supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Department supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherPhone supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • HomePhone supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Mobile supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Fax supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Assistant supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • DateofBirth supports the '=' operators.
  • ReportsTo supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • AsstPhone supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • SkypeID supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • SecondaryEmail supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • CreatedTime supports the '=' operators.
  • ModifiedTime supports the '=' operators.
  • Twitter supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • LastActivityTime supports the '=' operators.
  • MailingStreet supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherStreet supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • MailingCity supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherCity supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • MailingState supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherState supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • MailingZip supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherZip supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • MailingCountry supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • OtherCountry supports the '=, LIKE' operators.
  • Description supports the '=, LIKE' operators.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM Contacts WHERE Id = '3152079000000153079'

SELECT * FROM Contacts WHERE FirstName = 'John'


INSERT INTO Contacts (FirstName, LastName, Email) VALUES ('John', 'Smith', '')

Required fields: LastName.

Any field which is not read-only (ReadOnly = false in the table below) can be inserted.


You must specify the Id in the WHERE clause when executing a delete against this table.

DELETE FROM Contacts WHERE Id = '3152079000000153079'


You must specify the Id in the WHERE clause when executing an update against this table.

UPDATE Contacts SET Description = 'John helped us in the past with setting up the servers.' WHERE Id = '3152079000000484021'

Required fields: Id.

Any field which is not read-only (ReadOnly = false in the table below) can be updated.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

The unique identifier for this record.

ContactOwner_Id String False

The Id of the owner of the contact.

ContactOwner_Name String True

The name of the owner of the contact.

LeadSource String False

The source of the lead.

FirstName String False

The first name of the contact.

LastName String False

The last name of the contact.

AccountName_Id String False

The id of the account concerning this contact.

AccountName_Name String True

The name of the account concerning this contact.

VendorName_Id String False

The Id of the vendor concerning this account.

VendorName_Name String True

The name of the vendor concerning this account.

Email String False

The email of the contact.

Title String False

The title of the contact.

Department String False

The Department of the contact.

Phone String False

The phone of the contact.

HomePhone String False

The home phone of the contact.

OtherPhone String False

A different phone number of the contact.

Fax String False

The fax of the contact.

Mobile String False

The mobile of the contact.

DateofBirth Date False

The date of birth of the contact.

Tag String False

A list of tags of the contact.

Assistant String False

The assistant of the contact.

AsstPhone String False

The phone number of the assistant of the contact.

ReportsTo String False

To whom the contact reports to.

EmailOptOut Bool False

Whether this contact has opted out from receiving emails.

CreatedBy_Id String False

The Id of the User who created the record.

CreatedBy_Name String True

The name of the user who created the record.

SkypeID String False

The Skype ID of the contact.

ModifiedBy_Id String False

The Id of the User who modified the record.

ModifiedBy_Name String True

The name of the User who modified the record.

CreatedTime Datetime False

The time when the record was created.

ModifiedTime Datetime False

The time when the record was modified.

FullName String False

The full name of the contact.

Salutation String False

The salutation the contact likes to be referenced as.

SecondaryEmail String False

The secondary email of the contact.

LastActivityTime Datetime False

The time of the contact's last activity.

Twitter String False

The twitter handle of the contact.

MailingStreet String False

The mailing street of the contact.

OtherStreet String False

The other street of the contact.

MailingCity String False

The mailing city of the contact.

OtherCity String False

The other city of the contact.

MailingState String False

The mailing state of the contact.

OtherState String False

The other state of the contact.

MailingZip String False

The mailing zip of the contact.

OtherZip String False

The other zip of the contact.

MailingCountry String False

The mailing country of the contact.

OtherCountry String False

The other country of the contact.

Description String False

The description of the contact.

MostRecentVisit Datetime False

The most recent visit of the contact.

FirstVisit Datetime False

The first visit of the contact.

Referrer String False

The referrer of the contact.

FirstPageVisited String False

The first page the contact has visited.

NumberOfChats Int False

The number of chats the contact has had.

AverageTimeSpent_Minutes_ String False

The average time in minutes the contact has spent.

DaysVisited Int False

The number of days the contact has visited.

VisitorScore Long False

The visitor score of the contact.


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
Word String

Used to search for a specific word in records.

DuplicateCheckFields String

The field/s to be used for checking in an upsert.

Converted Boolean

Set to true to return only converted records.

Approved Boolean

Set to true to return only approved records.

CustomViewId String

The custom view Id to be used for filtering this record.

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