Cmdlets for Microsoft Office 365

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The Office365 table Plans.

Table Specific Information

Using Plans requires access to Groups permissions. This requires Admin approval. For this reason, you must use your own OAuth App to add the Groups permissions and from the Microsoft Graph. See カスタムOAuth アプリケーションの作成 for more details.


All plans in MS Planner exist as a part of a group. In order to retrieve the list of available plans, you must retrieve a list of available plans per group. If no GroupId is specified, then the following WHERE condition will be appended to any query:

GroupId IN (SELECT Id FROM Groups)


Name Type References Description
container_containerId String
container_type String
container_url String
createdBy_application_displayName String
createdBy_application_id String
createdDateTime Datetime
owner String
title String
GroupId String
Id [KEY] String

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Build 23.0.8839