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Usage information for the operation EventOccurrences.rsd.

Table Specific Information


You can query EventOccurrences by specifying the Event Id, StartDatetime and EndDateTime. EventId is a required field, instead StartDatetime and EndDateTime have a default range of the last 30 days. If you query filtering only by EventId and the specific event does not exist within this time range, you will get empty results.

SELECT * FROM [EventOccurrences] WHERE id = 'event id' AND StartDateTime = '2018/01/01' AND EndDateTime = '2018/12/31'

By default, if StartDateTime and EndDateTime filters are not specified, only the event occurrences from the user's default calendar in the range of the last 30 days will be returned. Otherwise, the query will get the Occurrences of the Event during the period specified by StartDateTime and EndDateTime.


Name Type References Description
GroupId String
UserId String
Events_id [KEY] String

id [KEY] String
categories String
changeKey String
createdDateTime Datetime
lastModifiedDateTime Datetime
allowNewTimeProposals Bool
attendees String
body_content String
body_contentType String
bodyPreview String
end_dateTime Datetime
end_timeZone String
hasAttachments Bool
hideAttendees Bool
iCalUId String
importance String
isAllDay Bool
isCancelled Bool
isDraft Bool
isOnlineMeeting Bool
isOrganizer Bool
isReminderOn Bool
location_address_city String
location_address_countryOrRegion String
location_address_postalCode String
location_address_state String
location_address_street String
location_coordinates_accuracy Double
location_coordinates_altitude Double
location_coordinates_altitudeAccuracy Double
location_coordinates_latitude Double
location_coordinates_longitude Double
location_displayName String
location_locationEmailAddress String
location_locationType String
location_locationUri String
location_uniqueId String
location_uniqueIdType String
locations String
onlineMeeting_conferenceId String
onlineMeeting_joinUrl String
onlineMeeting_phones String
onlineMeeting_quickDial String
onlineMeeting_tollFreeNumbers String
onlineMeeting_tollNumber String
onlineMeetingProvider String
onlineMeetingUrl String
organizer_emailAddress_address String
organizer_emailAddress_name String
originalEndTimeZone String
originalStart Datetime
originalStartTimeZone String
recurrence_pattern_dayOfMonth Int
recurrence_pattern_daysOfWeek String
recurrence_pattern_firstDayOfWeek String
recurrence_pattern_index String
recurrence_pattern_interval Int
recurrence_pattern_month Int
recurrence_pattern_type String
recurrence_range_endDate Datetime
recurrence_range_numberOfOccurrences Int
recurrence_range_recurrenceTimeZone String
recurrence_range_startDate Datetime
recurrence_range_type String
reminderMinutesBeforeStart Int
responseRequested Bool
responseStatus_response String
responseStatus_time Datetime
sensitivity String
seriesMasterId String
showAs String
start_dateTime Datetime
start_timeZone String
subject String
transactionId String
type String
webLink String

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