TDV Adapter for Office 365

Build 21.0.8137

Administrative Tasks

The Microsoft Office 365 Adapter can be used to perform administrative tasks. This can be done by specifying the UserId column to execute CUD operations.

The UserId Column

Many tables expose a special UserId column. This is designed to be used by an administrator to modify records on another user's account. If you are not an administrator or do not desire this behavior, do not specify the UserId when performing an INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE operation. For instance, executing the following will insert a contact for another user:

INSERT INTO Contacts (displayName, CompanyName, UserId) VALUES ('Bill', 'Bob Co', '12345')

The above request will have the overall effect of attempting to add a contact under the resource at /users/12345/contacts. When UserId is not specified, the resources affected will instead be modified under /users/me/contacts. In general if you are not an administrator, you can only affect or view records under /users/me, so it is not recommended to set UserId when you are not an admin.

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Build 21.0.8137