TDV Adapter for Authorize.Net

Build 22.0.8462


Query TransactionDetails to retrieve Items for an Authorize.Net merchant account.

Table Specific Information

The TransId is the only available supported column in the WHERE clause and it is required to retrieve results from TransactionDetailItems. TransId can be used with the (=) or IN operator.

SELECT * FROM TransactionDetailItems WHERE TransId='23478353'

SELECT * FROM TransactionDetailItems WHERE TransId IN ('23478353', '23479147')


Name Type Statistic Description
TransId [KEY] String The unique transaction Id.
ItemId [KEY] String The Id assigned to an item.
BatchId String The Id of the batch the transaction is in.
SettlementTime Datetime Date and time the transaction was settled.
SettlementState String Status of the batch. Valid values: settledSuccessfully, settlementError, pendingSettlement.
ResponseCode Integer The overall status of the transaction. Valid values: 1 (Approved), 2 (Declined), 3 (Error), 4 (Held for review).

The allowed values are 1, 2, 3, 4.

InvoiceNumber String The invoice number for the transaction.
PurchaseOrderNumber String The purchase order number for the transaction.
AuthAmount Decimal The amount authorized or refunded.
CustomerId String The merchant-assigned customer Id.
CustomerEmail String The email address of the customer.
ReturnedItemId String The transaction ID for returned item
ReturnedItemDate Datetime Date the item was returned.
ReturnedItemCode String The ACH return code.
ReturnedItemDescription String A text description of the reason for the return.
ItemName String The short description of the item.
ItemDescription String The detailed description of the item.
ItemQuantity Double The number of items sold.
ItemUnitPrice Decimal The cost of the item per unit, excluding tax, freight, and duty.
ItemTaxable Boolean Indicates whether the item is subject to tax.

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Build 22.0.8462