TDV Adapter for Authorize.Net

Build 22.0.8462


Query Customer Profile Details for Authorize.Net merchant account.

Table Specific Information

The CustomerProfileId is the only available supported column in the WHERE clause and it is required to retrieve results from CustomerProfileDetails. CustomerProfileId can be used with (=) or IN operator.

SELECT * FROM CustomerProfileDetails WHERE CustomerProfileId='1915622429'

SELECT * FROM CustomerProfileDetails WHERE CustomerProfileId IN ('1915622429','3215422449')


Name Type Statistic Description
MerchantCustomerId String Merchant-assigned customer reference ID. Must be unique among all of the customer IDs stored with profiles to be able to retrieve.
CustomerProfileId [KEY] String Payment gateway-assigned ID associated with the customer profile.This output is present only for successful requests.
Email String Email address associated with the customer profile.
Description String Description of the customer or customer profile. Required only when no values for merchantCustomerId and email are submitted.
FirstName String First name associated with customer's billing address.
LastName String Last name associated with customer's billing address.
Company String Company associated with customer's billing address.
Address String Customer's billing address.
City String City of customer's billing address.
State String State of customer's billing address.
Zip String The postal code of customer's billing address.
Country String Country of customer's billing address.
PhoneNumber String Phone number associated with customer's billing address.
FaxNumber String Fax number associated with customer's billing address.
DefaultPaymentProfile Boolean Indicates whether this profile is the default.If a customer profile does not have a default payment profile, then the defaultPaymentProfile element is not displayed in the getCustomerProfileResponse.If a profile has multiple payment profiles, the default profile returns defaultPaymentProfile set to true. Non-default profiles do not return defaultPaymentProfile.
CustomerPaymentProfileId String Payment gateway assigned ID associated with the customer payment profile.
CardNumber String The customer's masked credit card number. All sensitive payment information in the output is masked.
ExpirationDate String The expiration date for the customer's credit card.
CardType String Type of credit card. Possible values: Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, Discover, JCB, or DinersClub.
IssuerNumber String Unique identifier (IIN) for the issuer of the card. This element is only returned if you set the includeIssuerInfo field to true in the request.
IsPaymentToken Boolean Indicates whether the payment method used an encrypted token.
AccountType String The type of bank account used for the eCheck.Net transaction. Possible values: checking, savings, or businessChecking.
RoutingNumber String The ABA routing number.
AccountNumber String The bank account number.
NameOnAccount String Name of the person who holds the bank account.
EcheckType String The type of eCheck transaction. Do not use TEL, ARC, or BOC for recurring charges. Possible values:PPD, WEB, or CCD.
BankName String The name of the bank.

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