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Views are composed of columns and pseudo columns. Views are similar to tables in the way that data is represented; however, views do not support updates. Entities that are represented as views are typically read-only entities. Often, a stored procedure is available to update the data if such functionality is applicable to the data source.

Queries can be executed against a view as if it were a normal table, and the data that comes back is similar in that regard. To find out more about tables and stored procedures, please navigate to their corresponding entries in this help document.

CData Tableau Connector for Sage Intacct Views

Name Description
ACHBank Retrieves ACHBank report data.
AllocationEntry Retrieves AllocationEntry report data.
APAdjustmentItem Retrieves APAdjustmentItem report data.
APBillItem Retrieves APBillItem report data.
APBillPayment Retrieves APBillPayment report data.
APIUsageDetail Retrieves APIUsageDetail report data.
APIUsageSummary Retrieves APIUsageSummary report data.
APPayment Retrieves APPayment report data.
APPaymentItem Retrieves APPaymentItem report data.
APPaymentRequest Retrieves APPaymentRequest report data.
APRecurBillEntry Retrieves APRecurBillEntry report data.
ARAdjustmentItem Retrieves ARAdjustmentItem report data.
ARInvoiceItem Retrieves ARInvoiceItem report data.
ARPayment Retrieves ARPayment report data.
ARPaymentItem Retrieves ARPaymentItem report data.
ARRecurInvoice Retrieves ARRecurInvoice report data.
ARRecurInvoiceEntry Retrieves ARRecurInvoiceEntry report data.
Attachments Usage information for the operation Attachments.rsd.
BankFee Retrieves BankFee report data.
BankFeeEntry Retrieves BankFeeEntry report data.
BillingSchedule Retrieves BillingSchedule report data.
CCTransaction Retrieves CCTransaction report data.
CCTransactionEntry Retrieves CCTransactionEntry report data.
ChargePayoff Retrieves ChargePayoff report data.
ChargePayoffEntry Retrieves ChargePayoffEntry report data.
ClassGroup Retrieves ClassGroup report data.
CNSAcctBal Retrieves CNSAcctBal report data.
Company Retrieves Company report data.
CreditCardFee Retrieves CreditCardFee report data.
CreditCardFeeEntry Retrieves CreditCardFeeEntry report data.
DDSJob Retrieves DDSJob report data.
DepartmentGroup Retrieves DepartmentGroup report data.
Deposit Retrieves Deposit report data.
DepositEntry Retrieves DepositEntry report data.
DimensionRelationships List all relationships between dimension type objects along with helpful integration information about the relationship.
Dimensions Lists all standard dimensions and UDDs in a company along with helpful integration information about the object.
EExpensesItem Retrieves EExpensesItem report data.
EExpensesPayment Retrieves EExpensesPayment report data.
EPPayment Retrieves EPPayment report data.
EPPaymentItem Retrieves EPPaymentItem report data.
EPPaymentRequest Retrieves EPPaymentRequest report data.
ExchangeRateEntry Retrieves ExchangeRateEntry report data.
ExchangeRateTypes Retrieves ExchangeRateTypes report data.
ExpenseAdjustmentsItem Retrieves ExpenseAdjustmentsItem report data.
FundsTransfer Retrieves FundsTransfer report data.
FundsTransferEntry Retrieves FundsTransferEntry report data.
GLAccountBalance Retrieves GLAccountBalance report data.
GLAcctGrpHierarchy Retrieves GLAcctGrpHierarchy report data.
GLDetail Retrieves GLDetail report data.
GLEntry Retrieves GLEntry report data.
GLResolve Retrieves GLResolve report data.
InvDocumentEntry Retrieves InvDocumentEntry report data.
InvDocumentSubtotals Retrieves InvDocumentSubtotals report data.
InvoiceRun Retrieves InvoiceRun report data.
InvPriceListEntry Retrieves InvPriceListEntry report data.
InvRecurSubtotals Retrieves InvRecurSubtotals report data.
ItemComponent Retrieves ItemComponent report data.
ItemGroup Retrieves ItemGroup report data.
LocationGroup Retrieves LocationGroup report data.
OtherReceipts Retrieves OtherReceipts report data.
OtherReceiptsEntry Retrieves OtherReceiptsEntry report data.
PODocumentEntry Retrieves PODocumentEntry report data.
PODocumentSubtotals Retrieves PODocumentSubtotals report data.
POPriceListEntry Retrieves POPriceListEntry report data.
PORecurSubtotals Retrieves PORecurSubtotals report data.
PSADocumentEntry Retrieves PSADocumentEntry report data.
RecurDocumentEntry Retrieves RecurDocumentEntry report data.
RecurGLEntry Retrieves RecurGLEntry report data.
RevRecChangeLog Retrieves RevRecChangeLog report data.
RevRecScheduleEntryTask Retrieves RevRecScheduleEntryTask report data.
SODocumentEntry Retrieves SODocumentEntry report data.
SODocumentSubtotals Retrieves SODocumentSubtotals report data.
SOPriceListEntry Retrieves SOPriceListEntry report data.
SORecurDocument Retrieves SORecurDocument report data.
SORecurSubtotals Retrieves SORecurSubtotals report data.
STKitDocumentEntry Retrieves STKitDocumentEntry report data.
TerritoryGrpMember Retrieves TerritoryGrpMember report data.
TimesheetEntry Retrieves TimesheetEntry report data.
TransTmplBatch Retrieves TransTmplBatch report data.
TransTmplEntry Retrieves TransTmplEntry report data.
UoMDetail Retrieves UoMDetail report data.
UserRights Retrieves UserRights report data.
WfpmPaymentRequest Retrieves WfpmPaymentRequest report data.

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