Tableau Connector for Sage Intacct

Build 21.0.7930


This section provides a complete list of the Miscellaneous properties you can configure in the connection string for this provider.

UseLegacySet to False to use new API implementation.
BatchSizeThe maximum size of each batch operation to submit.
ClientIDThe Client ID of the distributed child company to access.
ConnectionLifeTimeThe maximum lifetime of a connection in seconds. Once the time has elapsed, the connection object is disposed.
ConnectOnOpenThis property species whether to connect to the Sage Intacct when the connection is opened.
DocParIdUsed to select different groups of columns exposed on Intacct. The docparid should be an object type from the Objects list, available under Platform Services.
GetdeletedTablesProvide the comma separated list of the tables and the corresponding key columns to support the GETEDELETED statement.
IncludeDetailAggregateA boolean indicating if aggregate columns should be displayed.
IncludeRelatedAttributesA boolean indicating if attributes of related objects should be displayed.
LocationsIdThe Location ID of the shared child company to access.
MaxRowsLimits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time.
MinimumColumnSizeIf field size information from the Intacct API appears to be incorrect or does not match what you expect, set this value to change the field sizes received by the driver, and make them greater than or equal to this value. This connection property does not apply if Intacct returns no valid field size information at all, and only applies to columns with string data type.
OtherThese hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.
PagesizeThe maximum number of results to return per page from Sage Intacct.
PoolIdleTimeoutThe allowed idle time for a connection before it is closed.
PoolMaxSizeThe maximum connections in the pool.
PoolMinSizeThe minimum number of connections in the pool.
PoolWaitTimeThe max seconds to wait for an available connection.
PseudoColumnsThis property indicates whether or not to include pseudo columns as columns to the table.
ReadonlyYou can use this property to enforce read-only access to Sage Intacct from the provider.
ReturnFormatAsXMLA boolean indicating if Intacct's XML return format should be used, rather than the JSON return format. By default, the XML return format is used.
RTKThe runtime key used for licensing.
SupportEnhancedSQLThis property enhances SQL functionality beyond what can be supported through the API directly, by enabling in-memory client-side processing.
TimeoutThe value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation.
UseConnectionPoolingThis property enables connection pooling.

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Build 21.0.7930