ODBC Driver for Sage 50 UK

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Create, Update, Delete, and Query TradingAccounts within Sage UK 50 Accounts.

Table Specific Information

The TradingAccounts table allows you to select, insert, and update trading accounts within a Sage 50 UK company dataset.


The TradingAccounts table returns the trading account information for a Sage 50 UK company dataset.

SELECT * FROM TradingAccounts


To create a new Trading Account record, the Name and CustomerSupplierFlag fields are required.

INSERT INTO TradingAccounts (Name, CustomerSupplierFlag, OpenedDate, Website, FinanceBalance, FinanceLimit, Analysis1, Analysis2, Analysis3)
VALUES ('My Trading Account', 'Customer', '05/10/2015', 'www.cdata.com', 100.00, 1000.00, 'Trade', 'Jenkins', 'National')


Any field that is not read-only can be updated.

UPDATE TradingAccounts SET Analysis3 = 'International' WHERE TradingAccountUUID = '90c7afb4-ad34-41a2-b71d-ef49cc489872'


DELETE FROM TradingAccounts WHERE TradingAccountUUID = '90c7afb4-ad34-41a2-b71d-ef49cc489872'

Note: When additional resources are tied to the account, the record is not deleted. However, the Sage API will still return an OK response, signalling the record has been deleted. The actual error message can be viewed by attempting to delete the account within the software itself.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
TradingAccountUUID [KEY] String True

TradingAccount UUID

CustomerSupplierFlag String False

TradingAccount Customer Supplier Flag

CompanyPersonFlag String False

TradingAccount Company Person Flag. Valid values: Company or Person

OpenedDate Date False

TradingAccount Opened Date

TradingAccountReference String True

TradingAccount Reference

Status String False

TradingAccount Status

Name String False

TradingAccount Name

Type String False

TradingAccount Type

Website String False

TradingAccount Web site

DeliveryRule Boolean False

TradingAccount Delivery Rule

Currency String False

TradingAccount Currency

TaxReference String False

TradingAccount Tax reference

TaxationCountry String False

TradingAccount Taxation Country

FinanceBalance Decimal False

TradingAccount Finance Balance

FinanceLimit Decimal False

TradingAccount Finance Limit

FinanceStatusFlag Boolean False

TradingAccount Finance Status Flag

FinanceStatusText String False

TradingAccount Finance Status Text

SettlementDiscountType String False

TradingAccount Settlement Discount Type

SettlementDiscountPercent Decimal False

TradingAccount Settlement Discount Percent

SettlementDiscountTerms String False

TradingAccount Settlement Discount Terms

SettlementDiscountIncludedInTotal Boolean False

TradingAccount Settlement Discount Included In Total

PaymentTerms String False

TradingAccount Payment Terms

OrderLineDiscountPercent Decimal False

TradingAccount Order Line Discount Percent

InvoiceDiscountPercent Decimal False

TradingAccount Invoice Discount Percent

PrimacyIndicator Boolean False

TradingAccount Primacy Indicator

Balance Decimal False

TradingAccount Balance

CreditLimit Decimal False

TradingAccount Credit Limit

MTDTurnover Decimal True

TradingAccount Month To Date Turnover

YTDTurnover Decimal True

TradingAccount Year To Date Turnover

PriorYTDTurnover Decimal True

TradingAccount Prior Year To Date Turnover

FirstInvoiceDate Date True

TradingAccount First Invoice Date

LastInvoiceDate Date True

TradingAccount Last Invoice Date

LastPaymentDate Date True

TradingAccount Last Payment Date

LastCreditReviewDate Date False

TradingAccount Last Credit Review Date

TradingTerms String True

TradingAccount Trading Terms

StandardDiscount Decimal False

TradingAccount Standard Discount

AccountOnHold Boolean False

TradingAccount On Hold

Analysis1 String False

TradingAccount Analysis (Custom) Field 1

Analysis2 String False

TradingAccount Analysis (Custom) Field 2

Analysis3 String False

TradingAccount Analysis (Custom) Field 3

CanChargeCredit Boolean True

TradingAccount Can Charge Credit

NextCreditReviewDate Date False

TradingAccount Next Credit Review Date

AdditionalDiscount String True

TradingAccount Additional Discount Type

CreditAppliedDate Date False

TradingAccount Credit Applied date


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
Updated Datetime

An input used internally to filter records updated at a specific datetime.

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