ODBC Driver for Sage 50 UK

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Create, Update and Query Commodities (Products and Services) within Sage UK 50 Accounts.

Table Specific Information

The Commodities table allows you to select, insert, and update Commodities (Products and Services) within a Sage 50 UK company dataset.


The Commodities table returns the products and services for a Sage 50 UK company dataset.

SELECT * FROM Commodities WHERE ProductCode LIKE 'ABC%'


To create a new Commodity record, the Description field is required.

INSERT INTO Commodities (ProductCode, Description, SupplierReference, CatalogueNumber, WebDescription, Cost)
VALUES ('MNP', 'MyNewProduct', 'UNI001', 'U143', 'My Web Description', 5.49)


Any field that is not read-only can be updated.

UPDATE Commodities SET Description = 'My New Description' WHERE CommodityUUID = '8c47b43a-7115-7419-9679-7c72586e67d1'


Name Type ReadOnly Description
CommodityUUID [KEY] String True

Commodity UUID

CommodityIdentifierType String False

Commodity CommodityIdentifier Type

ProductCode String False

Commodity Product Code

Reference2 String False

Commodity Reference2

Status String False

Commodity Status

Description String False

Commodity Description

WebDescription String False

Commodity Web Description

AlternativeDescription2 String False

Commodity Alternative Description 2

Type String True

Commodity Type (Category)

BuyingAllowedFlag Boolean False

Commodity Buying Allowed Flag

SellingAllowedFlag Boolean False

Commodity Selling Allowed Flag

CatalogueNumber String False

Commodity Catalogue (Part) Number

SupplierReference String False

Commodity Supplier reference

ManufacturerCompany String False

Commodity Manufacturer Company

Weight Decimal False

Commodity Weight

Classification String False

Commodity Classification

Cost Decimal False

Commodity Cost

InStock Decimal True

Commodity Amount in Stock

Allocated Decimal True

Commodity Amount Allocated

FreeStock Decimal True

Commodity Free Stock

OnOrder Decimal True

Commodity Amount on Order

SalesPrice Decimal True

Commodity Sales Price in base currency

UnitDescription String True

Commodity UnitOfMeasure Description


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
Updated Datetime

An input used internally to filter records updated at a specific datetime.

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