Excel Add-In for Square

Build 23.0.8839




CData Excel Add-In for Square ビュー

Name Description
BankAccounts Query the Bank Accounts of the merchant.
Locations Query Location information for a Merchant.
Merchants Query the available merchants in Square.
OrderDiscounts The list of all discounts associated with the order.
OrderItems The order items included in the order. Every order has at least one order item.
Orders Orders specify products for purchase, along with discounts, taxes, and other settings to apply to the purchase.
OrderTaxes The list of all taxes associated with the order.
Payments Query the available card Payments in Square. Cash and other tenders payments will not be returned.
PayoutEntries Retrieves a list of all payout entries for a specific payout.
Payouts Retrieves a list of all payouts for the default location.
Teams Query the available list of TeamMember for a business in Square.

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Build 23.0.8839