SSIS Components for Microsoft Project

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Retrieve and modify project resources.

Table Specific Information

To query this table, the ProjectId must be specified either in the query's WHERE clause criteria or via the ProjectId connection property.

SELECT * FROM ProjectResources WHERE ProjectId = '99a38309-dc1d-eb11-bf8a-00155d9c6312'


Name Type ReadOnly References Required Description
Id [KEY] String True false

ActualCost Double True false

ActualCostWorkPerformed String True false

ActualCostWorkPerformedMilliseconds Int True false

ActualCostWorkPerformedTimeSpan Time True false

ActualOvertimeCost Double True false

ActualOvertimeWork String True false

ActualOvertimeWorkMilliseconds Int True false

ActualOvertimeWorkTimeSpan Time True false

ActualWork String True false

ActualWorkMilliseconds Int True false

ActualWorkTimeSpan Time True false

AvailableFrom Datetime True false

AvailableTo Datetime True false

BaselineCost Double True false

BaselineWork String True false

BaselineWorkMilliseconds Int True false

BaselineWorkTimeSpan Time True false

BudetCostWorkPerformed Double True false

BudgetedCost Double True false

BudgetedCostWorkScheduled Double True false

BudgetedWork String True false

BudgetedWorkMilliseconds Int True false

BudgetedWorkTimeSpan Time True false

Cost Double True false

CostVariance Double True false

CostVarianceAtCompletion Double True false

Created Datetime True false

CurrentCostVariance Double True false

Finish Datetime True false

IsBudgeted Bool True false

IsGenericResource Bool True false

IsOverAllocated Bool True false

Modified Datetime True false

Notes String True false

OvertimeCost Double True false

OvertimeWork String True false

OvertimeWorkMilliseconds Int True false

OvertimeWorkTimeSpan Time True false

PeakWork String True false

PeakWorkMilliseconds Int True false

PeakWorkTimeSpan Time True false

PercentWorkComplete Int True false

RegularWork String True false

RegularWorkMilliseconds Int True false

RegularWorkTimeSpan Time True false

RemainingCost Double True false

RemainingOvertimeCost Double True false

RemainingOvertimeWork String True false

RemainingOvertimeWorkMilliseconds Int True false

RemainingOvertimeWorkTimeSpan Time True false

RemainingWork String True false

RemainingWorkMilliseconds Int True false

RemainingWorkTimeSpan Time True false

ScheduleCostVariance Double True false

Start Datetime True false

Work String True false

WorkMilliseconds Int True false

WorkTimeSpan Time True false

WorkVariance String True false

WorkVarianceMilliseconds Int True false

WorkVarianceTimeSpan Time True false

LinkedCustomFields String False false

LinkedEnterpriseResource String False false

CanLevel Bool False false

Code String False false

CostAccrual Int False false

CostCenter String False false

CostPerUse Double False false

DefaultBookingType Int False false

Email String False false

Group String False false

Initials String False false

MaterialLabel String False false

MaximumCapacity Double False false

Name String False false

OvertimeRate Double False false

OvertimeRateUnits Int False false

Phonetics String False false

StandardRate Double False false

StandardRateUnits Int False false

LinkedAssignments String False false

LinkedDefaultAssignmentOwner String False false

ProjectId [KEY] String True false

Id of the parent.

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Build 21.0.7930