SSIS Components for Microsoft Project

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Data Model


The CData SSIS Components for Microsoft Project models Microsoft Project objects as relational tables and views. A Microsoft Project object has relationships to other objects; in the tables, these relationships are expressed through foreign keys.

Connecting with the ODataV2 Schema

The ODataV2 schema (default) can be used for full CRUD operations. Main columns metadata is dynamically retrieved for each entity, but the schema is fixed and custom fields are not included.

Tables and Views describe a sample the tables available in the ODataV2 API.

Connecting with the ODataV1 Schema

The ODataV1 schema can only be used for reading data. Metadata is dynamically retrieved, including the custom fields for this schema.

Views describe a sample the views available in the ODataV1 API.

Key Features

  • The component models Microsoft Project entities as relational tables and views, allowing you to write SQL to query Microsoft Project data.
  • Stored procedures allow you to execute operations to Microsoft Project.
  • Live connectivity to these objects means any changes to your Microsoft Project account are immediately reflected when using the component.

Collaborative Query Processing

The component offloads as much of the SELECT statement processing as possible to Microsoft Project and then processes the rest of the query in memory.

See SupportEnhancedSQL for more information on how the component circumvents API limitations with in-memory client-side processing.

SELECT statements for the main tables are mostly supported server-side. For example:

  SELECT * FROM Tasks WHERE Id = '61a6cc2d-cff5-e911-b093-00155ddc7224'
will be run server-side.

Note: When executing SELECT statements on child tables, everything is processed client side.

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Build 21.0.7867