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Messages from a specific conversation. Conversation tracking is a feature available to paid accounts that lets you view replies to your campaigns from inside your MailChimp account.


ConversationMessages では、SELECT およびINSERT がサポートされています。


このテーブルからデータを取得するにはConversationId を指定する必要があります。WHERE 句に何も指定されていない場合は、アカウントで使える最初のものが使用されます。


INSERT には、ConversationId、FromEmail、およびRead が必要です。

INSERT INTO ConversationMessages (ConversationId, FromEmail, and Read) VALUES ('myConversationId', 'myFromEmail', 'true')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String True

A string that uniquely identifies this message

ConversationId [KEY] String True

A string that identifies this message's conversation

ListId [KEY] String True

The unique identifier of the list this conversation is associated with

FromLabel String True

A label representing the sender of this message

FromEmail String False

A label representing the email of the sender of this message

Subject String False

The subject of this message

Message String False

The plain-text content of the message

Read Boolean False

Whether or not this message has been marked as read

Timestamp Datetime True

Date the message was either sent or received

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Build 21.0.8137