SSIS Components for MailChimp

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Name Description
AutomationEmails A summary of the emails in an automation workflow.
Automations A summary of the automations within an account.
CampaignOpenEmailDetails A list of members who opened the campaign email.
Conversations A collection of this account's tracked conversations. Conversation tracking is a feature available to paid accounts that lets you view replies to your campaigns from inside your MailChimp account.
EcommerceStores A list of an account's ecommerce stores.
ListAbuse A collection of abuse complaints for a specific list. An abuse complaint occurs when your recipient clicks to 'report spam' in their email program.
ListActivity Up to the previous 180 days of daily detailed aggregated activity stats for a given list. Does not include AutoResponder or Automation activity.
ListClients Top email clients used, as measured by their user-agent string
ListGrowthHistory A month-by-month summary of a specific list's growth activity.
ListMemberActivity The last 50 member events for a list.
ListSignupForms Collection of List Signup Forms
ReportAbuse A list of abuse complaints for a specific list.
ReportAdvice A list of feedback based on a campaign's statistics.
ReportClickDetails A list of URLs and unique IDs included in HTML and plain-text versions of a campaign.
ReportClickDetailsMembers A collection of members who clicked on a specific link within a campaign.
ReportDomainPerformance Statistics for the top-performing email domains in a campaign.
ReportEmailActivity A list of member's subscriber activity in a specific campaign.
ReportLocations Top open locations for a specific campaign.
Reports A list of reports containing campaigns marked as Sent.
ReportSentTo A list of subscribers who were sent a specific campaign.
ReportUnsubscribes A list of members who have unsubscribed from a specific campaign.

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