TDV Adapter for MailChimp

Build 21.0.8137


Individuals who are currently or have been previously suscribed to this list, including members who have bounced or unsubscribed.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String True

The MD5 hash of the list member's email address.

EmailAddress String True

Email address for a subscriber.

UniqueEmailId [KEY] String True

An identifier for the address across all of MailChimp.

EmailType String False

Type of email this member asked to get ('html' or 'text').

Status String False

Subscriber's current status ('subscribed', 'unsubscribed', 'cleaned', or 'pending').

StatusIfNew String False

Subscriber's status ('subscribed', 'unsubscribed', 'cleaned', or 'pending'), to be used only on a PUT request if the email is not already present on the list.

Interests String False

The key of this object's properties is the ID of the interest in question.

Stats_AvgOpenRate Double True

A subscriber's average open rate.

Stats_AvgClickRate Double True

A subscriber's average clickthrough rate.

IpSignup String True

IP address the subscriber signed up from.

TimestampSignup Datetime True

Date and time the subscriber signed up for the list.

IpOpt String True

IP address the subscriber confirmed their opt-in status.

TimestampOpt Datetime True

Date and time the subscribe confirmed their opt-in status.

MemberRating Integer True

Star rating for this member between 1 and 5.

LastChanged Datetime True

Date and time the member's info was last changed.

Language String False

If set/detected, the language of the subscriber.

Vip Boolean False

VIP status for subscriber.

EmailClient String True

The email client the address as using.

Location_Latitude Double False

Location_Longitude Double False

Location_Gmtoff Integer True

Location_Dstoff Integer True

Location_CountryCode String True

Location_Timezone String True

LastNote_NoteId Integer False

The note's ID.

LastNote_CreatedAt String False

The date the note was created.

LastNote_CreatedBy String False

The author of the note.

LastNote_Note String False

The content of the note.

ListId [KEY] String True

The id for the list.

SegmentId [KEY] String True

The id for the segment.

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Build 21.0.8137