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The merge field (formerly merge vars) for a given list. These correspond to merge fields in MailChimp's lists and subscriber profiles.


ListMergeFields ではSELECT、INSERT、UPDATE、およびDELETE がサポートされています。


このテーブルからデータを取得するにはListId を指定する必要があります。WHERE 句に何も指定されていない場合は、アカウントで使える最初のものが使用されます。


INSERT にはName とListId を指定する必要があります。

INSERT INTO ListMergeFields (Name, ListID) VALUES ('myNewListMergeField', 'myListID')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
MergeId [KEY] Integer True

An unchanging id for the merge field.

Tag String False

The tag used in MailChimp campaigns and for the /members endpoint.

Name String False

Type String True

The type for the merge field.

Required Boolean False

Boolean value for if the merge field is required

DefaultValue String False

The default value for the merge field if null.

Public Boolean False

Whether or not the merge field is displayed on the signup form.

DisplayOrder Integer False

The order on the form where the merge field is displayed.

Options_DefaultCountry Integer False

In an address field, the default country code if none supplied.

Options_PhoneFormat String False

In a phone field, the phone number type: US or International.

Options_DateFormat String False

In a date or birthday field, the format of the date.

Options_Choices String False

In a radio or dropdown non-group field, the available options for members to pick from.

Options_Size Integer False

In a text field, the default length of the text field.

HelpText String False

Any extra text to help the subscriber.

ListId [KEY] String True

A string that identifies this merge field collections' list.

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Build 20.0.7695