CData Python Connector for LinkedIn

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve company profiles and updates.

Note: Requires the r_organization_admin OAuth scope.


The CompanyDetails view supports only the CompanyId column in the WHERE clause. The only supported operator for the CompanyId column is =. For example:

SELECT * FROM CompanyDetails WHERE CompanyId = '183432'


Name Type Description
CompanyId [KEY] String The unique, internal, numeric identifier for the company in the following format urn:li:organization:{id}
CompanyName String The name of the company.
UniversalName String The unique string identifier for the company.
Description String The company description. Limit of 500 characters.
Specialties String The company specialties.
StaffCountRange String The company staff count range.
WebsiteUrl String The URL for the company website.
Logo String The original company logo.
SquareLogo String The square company logo.
CompanyTypeName String The name of the company type.
Groups String The groups of the company.
Industries String The industries of the company.
FoundedYear Integer The year the company was founded.
EndYear Integer The year listed for when the company closed or was acquired by another.
PrimaryOrganizationType String Type of primary organization being used in the lookup. Possible values: SCHOOL,BRAND,NONE
VanityName String Entity's unique name used in URLs.
VersionTag String Tag indicating version.

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Build 23.0.8839