JDBC Driver for LinkedIn

Build 23.0.8839


Retrieve company locations information.

Note: Requires the r_organization_admin OAuth scope.


The CompanyLocations view supports only the CompanyId column in the WHERE clause. The only supported operator for the CompanyId column is =. For example:

SELECT * FROM CompanyLocations WHERE CompanyId = '183432'


Name Type Description
CompanyId String Id of the Company associated with the comment in the following format urn:li:organization:{id}
Description String The company description. Limit of 500 characters.
LocationType String Type of the location.
Street1 String The first line of the street address for the company location.
Apartment String The number of the apatrment,suite etc. for the company location.
City String The city of the company location.
State String The state of the company location.
PostalCode String The postal code of the company location.
CountryCode String The country code of the company location.

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Build 23.0.8839