JDBC Driver for LinkedIn

Build 23.0.8839


Query Comments data for Posts in the Organization Pages that you administer.

Note: Requires the r_organization_social OAuth scope.


The Comments view supports filtering on the WHERE clause only for the UpdateId column and only for the = and IN operators. The = operator is fully supported server-side, whereas the IN operator is partially supported server-side and partially client-side. Refer the query examples below:

SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE UpdateId = 'urn:li:share:7155174232715386880';
SELECT * FROM Comments WHERE UpdateId IN ('urn:li:share:7155174232715386880', 'urn:li:share:7165681621608738816');

Additionally, the following query will return the data for the columns we expose in the view for each of the Posts in each Organization Page that the user administrates.

SELECT * FROM Comments;
To retrieve information on Posts in you Organization Pages, you can use CompanyStatusUpdates.


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] String The unique identifier for the comment.
UpdateId String Id of the Update associated with the comment.
Text String Content of the update comment.
CreatedBy String The unique identifier for the person or company.
Date Datetime Comment created time.

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Build 23.0.8839