SSIS Components for LinkedIn

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Establishing a Connection

Connecting with the LinkedIn Connection Manager

Adding a new LinkedIn connection to the SSIS package is straightforward. Right-click within the Connection Manager window and select New Connection from the menu. Then, choose the LinkedIn Connection Manager from the Add SSIS Connection Manager window.

Alternatively, you can create a new connection directly using the LinkedIn Source or the LinkedIn Destination. You can set the connection properties in the LinkedIn Connection Manager window.

Connecting to LinkedIn

The LinkedIn CompanyId is a string of numbers, usually 6 to 9 digits long, that is unique to your company. You can find this ID in the URL of the search results page when you click on See All Jobs on your LinkedIn Page. The CompanyId is often required in queries for company data. While this may be set directly in the criteria of a query, the CompanyId may be set globally to avoid issues where the query is not so easily modified.

Authenticate via OAuth Authentication

OAuth requires the authenticating user to interact with LinkedIn using the browser. The component facilitates this in various ways as described below. You can connect without setting any connection properties for your user credentials. After setting InitiateOAuth to GETANDREFRESH, you are ready to connect.

When you connect, the component opens the LinkedIn OAuth endpoint in your default browser. Log in and grant permissions to the component. The component then completes the OAuth process.

  1. Extracts the access token from the callback URL and authenticates requests.
  2. Saves OAuth values in OAuthSettingsLocation to be persisted across connections.

See Using OAuth Authentication for other OAuth authentication flows.

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Build 21.0.8137