Power BI Connector for LinkedIn

Build 21.0.7930


Lists update events from the LinkedIn company page. This table supports the SELECT and INSERT operations.


The CompanyStatusUpdates table supports only the CompanyId column in the WHERE clause. The supported operator for the CompanyId column is =. For example:

SELECT * FROM CompanyStatusUpdates WHERE CompanyId='183432'


To share an update you must specify the Comment and VisibilityCode fields. Optional fields are SubmittedUrl, SubmittedImageUrl, and Title. (In the case that only Comment and VisibilityCode are specified, reference a URL in the comment.)

INSERT INTO CompanyStatusUpdates(Comment,VisibilityCode) VALUES ('Check out developer.linkedin.com! http://linkd.in/1FC2PyG','anyone')


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] String False

The unique identifier for the update in the following format urn:li:organization:{id}.

Comment String False

Comment associated with update status.

CompanyId String False

Id of the Company associated with the update.

Date Datetime False

Update created time .

CreatedBy String False

Id of the person who created update.

FirstPublishedAt String False

Time when update is published.

LastModified Datetime False

Last time when changes for this update are made.

LastModifiedBy String False

Id of the person who changed update.

Origin String False

Origin of the update.

Visibility String False

Visibility of the update.

LifecycleState String False

State of the update.

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Build 21.0.7930