ADO.NET Provider for Couchbase

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Specifies how a document must be stored for a transaction to succeed. Specifies whether to use N1QL transactions when executing queries.

Possible Values

None, Majority, MajorityAndPersistActive, PersistToMajority






If UseTransactions is enabled, then this option can be set to determine when Couchbase will allow writes in transactions to commit. The Couchbase documentation on Durability and Transactions contains the full details, below is a high-level summary.

This option controls requirements on both quorum and persistence. The quorum may either require no bucket replicas to receive the document (None), or a majority of replicas to have the document (all others). The persistence level requires either that the document be stored in the replica memory (Majoriy) or on the replica disk (MajorityAndPersistActive, PersistToMajority).

None is only useful if the bucket you are using is not configured for replicas. The other options can be used depending on the required performance and durability tradeoffs. Persisting to more replicas is slower but provides greater resilience against a node crashing.

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Build 23.0.8839