TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


Creates a new bucket in CouchBase.

Creating Buckets

Buckets using @AuthType 'none' can be created by specifying only the @Name, @AuthType, @BucketType, and @RamQuotaMB. The @ProxyPort option may also be required, depending upon what version of Couchbase you are connecting to.

EXECUTE CreateBucket
  @Name = 'Players',
  @AuthType = 'NONE',
  @BucketType = 'COUCHBASE',
  @RamQuotaMB = 100,
  @ProxyPort = 1234

When creating a bucket with @AuthType 'sasl', the @ProxyPort must not be provided, and the @SaslPassword is optional:

EXECUTE CreateBucket
  @Name = 'Players',
  @AuthType = 'SASL',
  @BucketType = 'COUCHBASE',
  @RamQuotaMB = 100

All other parameters can be used regardless of what @AuthType you provide.


Name Type Required Description
Name String True The name of the bucket to create.
AuthType String True The type of authentication to use can be sasl or none.
BucketType String True The type of the bucket, can be memcached or couchbase.
EvictionPolicy String False What to evict from the cache if the bucket is full, can be fullEviction or valueOnly
FlushEnabled String False Enables or disables flush all support, can be 0 or 1.
ParallelDBAndViewCompaction String False Enables simultaneous compactions of the database and the views, can be true or false.
ProxyPort String False The proxy port, must be unused, required if authorization is not SASL.
RamQuotaMB String True The amount of RAM to allocate to the bucket, in megabytes.
ReplicaIndex String False Enables or disables replicate indexes, can be 1 or 0.
ReplicaNumber String False A number between 0 and 3, specifies number of replicas.
SaslPassword String False SASL password, may be provided if the authentication type is SASL.
ThreadsNumber String False A number between 2 and 8, specifies number of concurrent readers/writers.
CompressionMode String False Either Off (no compression), Passive (documents inserted compressed stay comressed) or Active (server can compress any document). On Couchbase Enterprise, Passive is the default.
ConflictResolutionType String False How the server will resolve conflicts between cluster nodes. Either lww (timestamp-based resolution) or seqno (revision ID-based resolution). Defaults to seqno on Couchbase Enterprise.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
Success String Whether or not the bucket was successfully created.

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Build 22.0.8462