TDV Adapter for Couchbase

Build 22.0.8462


Determines how the provider builds tables and columns from the buckets found in Couchbase.

Data Type


Default Value



A comma-separated list of the following options:

DocType This discovers tables by checking at each bucket and looking for different values of the "docType" field in the documents. For example, if the bucket beer-sample contains documents with "docType" = 'brewery' and "docType" = 'beer', this will generate three tables: beer-sample (containing all documents), beer-sample.brewery (containing just breweries) and (containing just beers).

Like RowScan, this will scan a sample of the documents in each flavor and determine the data type for each field. RowScanDepth determines how many documents are scanned from each flavor.

DocType=fieldName Like DocType, but this scans based off of a field called "fieldName" rather than "docType". "fieldName" must match the field name in Couchbase exactly, including case.
Infer This uses the N1QL INFER statement to determine what tables and columns exist. This does more flexible flavor detection than DocType, but is only available for Couchbase Enterprise.
RowScan This reads a sample of documents from a bucket, and heuristically determines the data type. RowScanDepth determines how many documents are scanned. It does not do any flavor detection.
None This is like RowScan, but will always return columns that have string types instead of the detected type.

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Build 22.0.8462